Build founding committee

25 Jun 2022 update: We assembled an ad-hoc initial team, and then put out a Call: participants, research. We are in the process of inviting people now.

Progress: the team (continual update)

Key elements of plan

  1. 1.
    Build a ‘founding committee’ of 5-8 experienced and enthusiastic EA-aligned/adjacent researchers at EA orgs, research academics, and practitioners (e.g., draw from speakers at recent EA Global meetings).
    1. 1.
      Private Airtable with lists of names and organizations
    2. 2.
      Added element: List of supporter names for credibility, with little or no commitment
  2. 2.
    Host a meeting (and shared collaboration space/document), to come to a consensus/set of practical principles [26 May 2022: First meeting held, writing up shared notes]
  3. 3.
    Post and present our consensus (coming out of this meeting) on key fora. After a brief ‘followup period’ (~1 week), consider adjusting the above consensus plan in light of the feedback, and repost (and move forward)
... Excerpts from successful ACX grant, The twelve-month plan, reiterated in followup FTX Future Fund (for further funding; unsuccessful).

How to recruit and choose this 'founding committee'?

Three key relevant areas

First: List of pivotal, prominent people, direct outreach

  1. 1.
    Assemble a list of 'the most relevant and respected people' with ~objective criterion and justification
    1. 1.
      Ask to join founding committee
    2. 2.
      Ask to join list of supporters
  2. 2.
    Add people who have made past contributions
28 May 2022: The above has mostly been done, at least in terms of people attending the first meeting. We probably need a more systematic approach to getting the list of supporters.

Second: public call for interest