Identify pilot/key projects/papers, contact authors

25 Jun 2022 Update: We have identified (see process below, and open call) a fairly large list, with several very prominent pieces of research to use for the pilot. We aim to invite referees to evaluate 3-4 papers soon, and award the 'bounties' shortly.
Management team: See also
  • list of papers under consideration in private Airtable base EA_unjournal_resources, crucial_research table,
  • Linked discussion in this Gdoc​

Test-case research for Proof of Concept

We need to identify a small set of papers or projects as representative first-cases. This will make things concrete and help us test the system we are building.
Pete Slattery: "Do a complete test run using a single paper and team…" Thus I aim to identify a small set of papers (or projects), maybe 2-3, that seem like good test and example cases. Offer a ‘bounty’ for 'which projects do we choose as test cases'.
In doing the above, we will also collect a longer list of key papers, projects, authors, topics, issues, etc., to help us in Action: Overall scoping and to use in the future.

Steps proposed and taken

  1. 1.
    Posts on EA Forum (and other places), __ and form (see view at bottom of this section); promoting further, with bounty.
2. Search for most-cited papers (within our domain) among EA-aligned researchers and organizations
3. Dig into existing lists, reviews, syllabi such as:
Note that much of the work identified above will already have been peer-reviewed and 'published'. While we envision that the Unjournal may assess papers already published in traditional journals, this is probably not the best case for the PoC.
Maybe also 'Mistakes' pages?
5. Appeal directly to authors and research groups
6. Cross-promoted with Call: participants, research​