Set up platforms

Set up the basic platforms for posting and administering reviews and evaluations and offering curated links and categorizations of papers and projects.
Update 7 Sep 2022: We are setting up processes and forms in Kotahi​
  • We have an instance
  • ​Submissions form is pretty close to useable (but imperfect, e.g., we need to ask people to (click 'submit a URL instead' on page one)
  • Evaluations form is OK, with some workarounds (we ask for a link out to a Google Doc they must duplicate) ... we will probably replace this with an Airtable or Google survey 'submission form' soon
  • We are Mapping workflow/process for how projects will enter, be evaluated, and 'output'
  • We will outline specific requests for developers

Kotahi and Sciety for Unjournal

Kotahi is the platform we will be working on and in, and will give a public-facing page where our evaluations will be hosted.
We will get this to feed into Sciety with help from the Kotahi/Sciety team, so these show up as ‘evaluated pre-prints’ in their public database. And we will have a group on Sciety that will curate all of our reviews linked to the preprints.