Notes: post-grant plan and revisions

See "Reinstein key concerns" in discussion doc HERE​

Administrative concerns (and possible amendments)

Rethink Priorities will act as Fiscal Sponsor for this, to help administer payments. They will also receive $5000 to cover roughly 2 hours/week of david reinstein's time on this project.
Administering payments to referees, researchers, etc
We will need to making small payments to (say) 20-50 different referees, 5-10 committee members and 'editorial managers', 5-10 research prize winners, as well as clerical and IT assistants.

Spreading the word, 'press release' (WIP)

Please let us know how you would like your grant communicated on the ACX blog, e.g. if you'd like Scott to recommend that readers help you in some way (see this post for examples).
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See "Reinstein key concerns" in discussion doc HERE
Administrative concerns (and possible amendments)
Spreading the word, 'press release' (WIP)